Hum Royalty

Over the past four decades the Hum has changed the lives of countless people. This page is a tribute to the very special few among us who went above and beyond in researching the Hum and telling the truth about what they discovered. These are the elites who weren't swayed by the notion that what lies behind the Hum might in fact be a very inconvenient truth for some.These three people all have something in common and that is the desire to stop the suffering that many people have come to know as the Hum.

Steve Kohlhase

Since 2010, Steve Kohlhase has tirelessly engaged in study and discussion with Town, State and Federal governmental agencies and representatives asking for an investigation into the cause of this low frequency sound that he began experiencing in my home in late summer 2009

Steve has a BS in Mechanical Engineering. The majority of his 47-year professional career has been involved with planning, engineering and construction of facilities in the process and refining industries. As such, he has seen many things that most interested parties involved with this ILFN situation are unfamiliar with. Much of the same type equipment and problems he has seen are also part of the gas transmission industry. Most Hum investigators
and sufferers do not have this experience which is critical to understanding GPS.

Steve Kohlhase gives his own time voluntarily and works with groups around the world to shed light on "Gas pipleine syndrome" Most of his independent work has been dedicated studying the 2 interstate natural gas transmission systems, having a total of 3 high pressure pipelines that pass through his area. Steve has helped countless individuals who have been negatively affected by the Hum and continues to do so to this day.

Steve is an active Member of the Facebook group The Real World Hum

Steve Kohlhase began hearing an inexplicable, low-frequency hum in his home in 2009. Beginning as a minor irritation, the hum soon grew into a daily occurrence, causing headaches and loss of sleep. Doom Vibrations follows Steve's fifteen year journey to figure out what is causing this noise, and his theory behind it. -

The Atlantic - The Unexplained Noise 2 Percent of People Can Hear

Gas Pipeline Syndrome (GPSh)
A Chronicle of Research and Experiences- Unravelling the Hum
It is Said, If You Can’t See It, You Can’t Beat It. But, This Is the Way I See It!
Stephen Kohlhase
October 11 2023
Gas Pipeline Syndrome (GPSh) PDF

Hugh Witherington

Hugh Witherington, founded the Low Frequency Noise Sufferers' Association in 1989 in the United Kingdom. Mr Witherington spent nine months driving around Hertfordshire at night with his twin brother and fellow sufferer, Martin, who lives in the same hamlet. After eliminating suspects such as the ventilator fan of a nearby battery farm, they narrowed it down to a high- pressure British Gas pipeline a few miles from their home. 'That was my very last suspect,' says Mr Witherington, who believes the spread of The Hum ties in with the installation of the high-pressure gas transmission network.

Elizabeth Griggs 

Elizabeth Griggs, of Shepton Mallet in Somerset, along with many other sufferers, believed that the cause of the hum is the network of large underground pipes used to pump gas under pressure from high power turbines. The turbines create organ-pipe resonances.

Officials eat humble pie over mystery noise - 29 February 1992 By  Barry FoxNew Scientist

Family's bid to establish if bunsen burners with asbestos caused death of former Wells Cathedral School technician
Great-gran Elizabeth Griggs died six months after she was diagnosed with mesothelioma, a form of cancer linked to asbestos exposure
South West News Service, Anna Gladwin  26 Mar 2019

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