Low Frequency Noise - Worst case scenarios

This section is about some of the worst case scenarios. It is intended to shine a spotlight on certain cases and instances where despite claiming to be "Stewards of the Environment" and "Good Neighbours" and always doing the right thing, quite clearly they are not.
The intention is to show that this Industry at lives in denial and has a cultural "hubris" that nullify any fluffy statements about doing the right thing. Profit is always the main driver. 

Lessons - The goal of many people who investigate the Hum is to pinpoint the source of the annoyance. In Alberta Canada a low frequency noise complaint cannot proceed without being able to point to the suspected source with a reasonable degree of certainty.

In the case of a Covanta facilty in Bristol Conneticut that incinerates trash to generate power, many people from the surrounding communities have been dealing with low frequency noise that is disrupting their lives. In the case of Bristol Connecticut. The noise in Covanta and there is little doubt among the locals that the source is the Covanta plant who are aware of the situation as are local officials.

What's that sound? Bristol residents are fed up with nagging noise
By Caitlin Burchill • NBC CT Published February 22, 2024

An unusual noisy phenomenon is plaguing residents in central Connecticut: 'There's no escape from it'
By Natasha Sokoloff, Staff writer CT Insider March 8, 2024

According to what the people on the Covanta Noise Complaints Facebook Group nothing has changed. The noise is causing a great deal of stress among the local residents and there doesn't seem to have been much change in the situation.

So here we have a case where we have moved beyond the mystery of where the noise is coming from. In this case the noise is very loud and disruptive especially at night. The locals are pointing the finger at Covanta, the Media has responded and local Officials are aware. So far nothing has happened . This illustrates just how difficult it is to deal with low frequency noise even when it is obviously physically and psychologically damaging. Authority and Regulators are aligned with the big business and industry. The health and welfare of people living in the surrounding area are not a priority.

Stay tuned to this page as I will be following the Covanta Bristol Conneticut story to it's hopefully successful conclusion.

The Petroleum Industry has a history of bullying and running roughshod over anyone who gets in their way. The idea that they are good neighbours and looking out for the best interests of the communities they affect is completely false. This is true of most industries The reason why it is worthy of mention here is that one must consider how it relates to the low frequency noise generated by natural gas pipelines and infrastructure. The solution to make this noise go away will be very expensive. Do you think that the Petroleum industry would voluntarily spend money to solve the problem if it was in the best interest of the communities and the people that are affected? Or would they just keep ignoring it and pretending it doesn't exist ?

Coercion via Eminent Domain and Legal Fees: The Acceptance of Gas Extraction in West Virginia

US appeals court rejects renewed challenge to Mountain Valley pipeline
By Brendan Pierson Reuters February 13, 20241:00 PM MST Updated a month ago

More Worst Case Scenarios

British Columbia's dirty natural gas secret

"Do the right thing
We are guided by our ethics, our focus on safety and our willingness to stand for what is right."
https://www.sempra.com/about-us/corporate-values  (So Cal Gas)

California Public Utilities Commission
Order Instituting Investigation on the Commission’s Own Motion into the Operations and Practices of Southern California Gas Company with Respect to the Aliso Canyon storage facility and the release of natural gas, and Order to Show Cause Why Southern California Gas Company Should Not Be Sanctioned for Allowing the Uncontrolled Release of Natural Gas from its Aliso Canyon Storage Facility

San Francisco, California November 22, 2019

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