Antonio Gimeno

A surveyor obscuring the truth about the Hum

Antonio Gimeno has installed himself in almost every conversation in almost every Hum related group on the internet.

A surveyor by Trade

Antonio Gimeno is a surveyor by trade with no known formal training in acoustics

Obscuring the truth 

If you join almost any Facebook Group related to the Hum you will probably encounter Antonio Gimeno. Antonio will be selling himself as someone who is there to help Hum sufferers and survivors. He is not known to suffer the effects of the Hum personally. He passes himself off as some kind of expert on acoustics who has an intimate knowledge and understanding of the Hum. To the best of my knowledge he is a surveyor from Spain.

Correlation is not causation

Despite not having any formal training in acoustics Antonio will aggressively argue against the simple truth. Natural gas pipelines are responsible for creating the phenomenon know as the Hum. His arguments with contain ridiculous unfounded theories about temperature inversion and he will sell himself as an expert on the subject of the Hum on every corner of the earth including countries and continents on which he has never set foot. His favourite tactic is to parrot the statement that "correlation is not causation" ad nauseum. Antonio Gimeno it would seem has devoted his entire existence to falsely convincing as many people as he can that natural gas pipelines are in not responsible for causing the Hum when we know for a fact that they are.

Should you encounter Antonio I would strongly suggest that you consider his motives since he has absolutely no skin in the game and yet has devoted himself to obscuring the truth. If you are interested in learning the absolute truth about the Hum I would advise you to consider what it written below as it was authored by a natural gas industry service provider in the UK. It is the first known truthful accounting of what is actually happening by an entity within the industry. I managed to arrive at the same conclusion via other methods of investigation and have been saying as much for years only to be hindered by Antonio Gimeno working full time to make people believe otherwise. 

The truth about the Hum explained by an industry service provider.

Flutter and hum explained

Industrial noise comes from a huge variety of sources. This includes things like generators and compressors. In addition, some forms of gas can get noisy when you transport or vent them. That is why we design and supply first class natural gas silencers. To do so, we use special software to ensure our models can incorperate into your systems

One thing you might not be aware of is that pipelines produce noises that can negatively impact your health. Gas lines in particular produce a phenomenon of low and extra-low frequency sound waves. They occur due to the transmission of high pressure natural gas through the set ups. These noises are referred to as flutter and hum.

What is flutter?

This is a persistent pulsating airborne pressure wave. It radiates from pipelines. It is a problem that affects the immediate area. You will find that it sounds like the rumbling you can hear from distant thunder. It also feels like the pulsations originating from a helicopter that is flying in the distance.

The big issue is the sound can penetrate houses and feels like a vibration in your ears and head. Another place where you can feel flutter is outside as a discomfort because of interior organ resonance.

What about hum noise?

This is an invasive and persistent low frequency droning, rumbling, or humming. It is not audible to everyone. It tends to resonate in enclosed structures, causing vibrations/sounds between 1 and 50 hertz. Hum waves can move over 25 miles from their origin and expand over an area.

The hum is usually felt more than heard because it is a sputtering tonal noise. It is also an accompanying vibrotactile sensation. People often describe it like numerous intensities of idling diesel engines that are always operating outside their property. Little is known about hum, making it the more unsettling of the two.

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